Mosquito Banditz – Lizzy

  • Jungle Magic mosquito repellant attractive lizard shaped wrist bands are medically coated with citronella oil
  • Aroma benefits which repels mosquitoes
  • 100 percent natural outdoor protection option for children from mosquito bites


ungle magic mosquito banditz, mosquito repellant wrist bands are first of its kind revolutionary mosquito repellant product for children, providing them outdoor protection against mosquito bites. Jungle magic mosquito banditz are medically coated with citronella oil and are 100 percent natural, non toxic and chemical free. Citronella oil in known to have aroma benefits which provides activating and warming qualities both physically and mentally. Every band has a special compartment that stores citronella oil, aroma of which protects children when they are doing outdoor activates. These bands have been tested by a government certified external laboratory bases which they are certified safe for use by children. The bands come in attractive colours and have been designed in-house, to have animal characters which are mosquitoes biggest enemies. Lizard is called lizzy, spider is called spidey, bat is batty and a frog is called froggy. These Packs come with airtight pouches and when not in use bands are to be stored in these pouches for maximizing their life.


Once upon a time when the world was still young and magic was free, the scent spirits enjoyed their gift of creation. The first creatures they created were three butterflies, Hope, Faith and Love. Together these butterflies spread happiness in everything around them. In the meantime the scent spirits continued to create the world which was blossoming into a place of colour, pleasant sounds and magical scents. This world was called “JUNGLE MAGIC”