Thermal Blanket Giraffe 2 pcs set

  • Size 30-inch x 30-inch, 100 percent cotton with no softener finish and safe for baby


When babies are born, it is advised to mimic the conditions of the womb. This gives comfort to your baby and also the security that they require. Babies enjoy being swaddled as it gives them a sense of familiarity that they may have grown used to. Swaddling the baby also eliminates any startling movements, effectively making it easier for a new mother to nurse her child. Receiving blankets are a staple in the world of nursing babies. Owen understands this and has made packs of receiving blankets for both boys and girls, and they are colour coded too.

This Owen receiving blanket 2 piece has a blue theme and the pack includes two blankets. One has a beautifully embroidered character while the other one has prints. Change them around regularly to give your baby a new look. These blankets can be substituted for changing mats, burp cloths, shades for sleeping babies and various other uses. However, the most popular use is to swaddle your little baby for sleep time.

To swaddle your child, lay the blanket on a flat surface with one corner pointing up, in the shape of a diamond. That corner should then be folded down and the baby placed on the blanket with his neck along the fold. Tuck the babys arms into the folded area, pull the right side of the blanket across his body and tuck the babys left side securely. You can experiment with different methods to find out which works best. Having tried out various methods you may find that your child can break free from a swaddle. This means that you need to change the wrapping style as a loose swaddle is not safe for your baby. A similar receiving blanket set, pink in colour, is available for little girls.


OWEN is a brand wholly owned by the Bizmode Group which has been in the infant bedding, towelling and apparel business for over 10 years. The products are sold in various Asian countries such as the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Indonesia. They have a significant presence in all major department stores, hypermarkets and Infant/baby stores in these markets.Most of our products are manufactured in high quality 100% cotton to provide the utmost comfort to infants.